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Globe Connect Reports (formerly Globe Special Reports) and Globe Connect Information Features (formerly Advertising Features or Special Information Features) represent powerful, engaging opportunities for advertisers to target our influential audience in our newspaper, magazines and online.

Both are developed as dedicated content pages, a specific content series or as a stand-alone feature and can run in print, web, mobile and social media. External promotion is offered through Search and optional Globe Alliance Network partners. The themes covered target the specific interests of readers and represent an ideal environment for a range of messaging. From the world of technology to the arts, from personal finance to travel, we deliver access to the readers you want to target, across all stages of their product or service buying journey.

Our products are organized in the following categories:
  • Globe Connect Reports are Editorial Reports (ED); Globe-branded content written by Globe writers.
  • Globe Connect Information Features are Advertising Features (AD); content is written by freelance writers, hired by The Globe.

Visit this page frequently to access our latest advertising information, as we regularly update the calendar. Before placing any advertising with The Globe and Mail, please consult our Newspaper Advertising Terms and Conditions PDF.

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Review the calendar below for upcoming features and themes, dates and deadlines. Customize the display by selecting from the category, timeline and filter options at the top of the table. To learn more, click on a title to view its PDF.

New and updated products are highlighted in blue.

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