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Canada's National Newspaper
In print for 170 years, The Globe delivers lively and authoritative coverage of national, international, business, technology, arts, entertainment and lifestyle news.

An essential read for Canadians who want in-depth reporting on the issues, facts and opinions that affect our domestic landscape and the world at large, The Globe enjoys a cumulative six-day readership total of 2.5 million*. And our readers are incredibly loyal - 75 per cent of our current subscriber base has subscribed for more than two years - many of them for much longer.

* Source: NADbank Fall 2012 - 47 readership markets

Printed on superb quality paper stock, our newspaper uniquely showcases our award-winning, full-colour journalism and advertising on every page.

The Globe offers flexible advertising options and your brand can take advantage of a range of premium positions, innovative content adjacencies, integrated multi-platform opportunities; and custom content capabilities.

National editions and regional sections
Advertisers can target Globe readers by region through our Front News section, specific to one of six regions Ė National, Metro, Central, East, West and B.C.

For example, target readers from Quebec and the Maritimes by placing an ad in the Front News section of our East edition.

For a complete guide to the sections in our newsspaper and regional editions, download and view page 7 of our Newspaper Media Kit.

For more information about what's in our newspaper, explore our sections from the Newspaper navigation above.

Bring your print experience to life

Instantly connect The Globe's print readers to your digital brand experience with Augmented Reality.

AR apps use the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet to present interactive elements, videos and photos - in real time, directly over a printed page - on the screen.

Showcase your brand
Deliver engaging interactive features that highlight your brandís best attributes.

Convert readers into customers
Link online to drive immediate online purchases, reservations or test drive bookings.

Measure your print response
Capture detailed audience metrics through analytics.

Our digital team can build your complete augmented print experience with: video, image galleries, interactive elements, social media and website links.

On average, the click-through rate (CTR) for Augmented Reality customers is an incredible 87%. More than half of AR App users (56%) have made a purchase on their mobile device, and an additional one-third say they could do so in the future.
Source: Layar metrics - Jan 2014

For complete information, please download the augmented reality information PDF and contact your Globe representative.

Tell a bigger story with Panorama

Exclusive to The Globe, Panorama is a high-impact printed insert that offers 20 square feet of premium space to showcase your brand, delivering an immersive reading experience that drives consumer response.

Itís huge
Panorama gives you the room to tell a rich visual story. It's the ideal format to engage our readers with spectacular imagery and engaging information.

Itís impactful
Inserted into the pages of Canada's most-read newspaper, Panorama is distributed nationally for you to reach our engaged, influential and affluent readership.

Itís interactive
Panorama comes to life with augmented reality (AR), featuring interactive video, galleries and links to convert readers into your online consumers.

And we can build you a breathtaking Panorama. Our team will design and produce your complete Panorama, including full integration of Augmented Reality, printing and distribution across the country.

For complete information, please download our Panorama PDF and contact your Globe representative.

Fall 2013

The Globe and Mail newspaper is #1
choice among Canadian adults

We are proud to report that The Globe and Mail is the most read weekday and weekend paper in Canada among adults 18 and over. These results reflect the loyalty and engagement of our community of readers and our investment in a wider range of topics and sections to broaden our appeal.

According to the Fall 2013 PMB Readership Study, we are beating both The Star and National Post in key demographic groups:

Both the weekday and weekend Globe lead in:
  • 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 age groups
  • MOPEs, C Level, University Grads
  • Average HH Income and HHI $100k+
  • Women readers
  • Readers with Business Decision Influence

We're particularly proud of our strong readership growth on the weekend - up 13%. For the first time, women make up the majority of our weekend readers at 53% and our female MOPE readers have also increased, by 27%.

Report on Business magazine also holds the top spot for most read business magazine in Canada.

Explore GlobeLink, send us an inquiry or contact your Globe representative to get Canada's most read newspaper working for your brand.

Connect with Canada's most sought-after demographic
When you advertise in The Globe and Mail, your message reaches Canada's thought-leaders and taste-makers--those individuals who lead or intend to lead in politics, business, the workplace or the home. More importantly, Globe readers have the purchasing power--whether personal or corporate--to follow up on the needs and desires advertisements in The Globe generate.

For complete readership information, view our newspaper readership page and download our media kit.

Case Studies

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From simple, high-impact display ads to cutting-edge integrated campaigns, we offer programs for every brand and every budget. Our team will work with you to connect with your target consumers in engaging, innovative ways.