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The Globe Media magazine lineup includes Report on Business, Globe Style Advisor, Canadian University Report and Real Estate Collection.

Access a premium demographic
Globe magazines are distributed in our newspaper--a proven way to connect with highly sought-after demographic groups. Indeed, Report on Business magazine has the most readers and the highest average issue readership in Canada and is number one among C-Suite, MOPEs, university grads, business decision makers

Globe Style Advisor reaches our passionate home delivery subscribers, including high income households and urban hotspots in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Bring Your Print Experience to Life

Instantly connect our print readers to your digital brand experience with Augmented Reality apps. AR apps use the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet to present interactive elements, videos and photos - in real time, directly over a printed page - on the screen.

Create a strong print and digital audience connection
Our digital team will build your augmented print experience with: video, image galleries, interactive elements, social media and website links.

Partner with our Custom Content Group
Develop engaging, AR-enhanced features in our newspaper, magazines and your own branded products.

On average, the click-through rate (CTR) for Augmented Reality customers is 87%. More than half of AR App users (56%) have made a purchase on their mobile device, and an additional one-third say they could do so in the future.
Source: Layar metrics - Jan 2014

For complete information, please download the augmented reality information PDF and contact your Globe representative.

Fall 2013

Report on Business is Canada's #1 business magazine.

Amongst Canada's business magazines we're proud to share that Report on Business magazine has:

  • The most readers - 1,038,000 (12+).
  • The highest average issue readership.
  • The most University Grad readers
  • The most Senior Managers, Owners. MOPEs and C-Level readers
  • The most HHI $100k+ and $150k+ readers
Explore GlobeLink, send us an inquiry or contact your Globe representative to get Canada's most read business magazine working for your brand.

For complete Report on Business magazine readership information, view our readership page and download our media kit. For Globe Style Advisor information, view our product page and download our media kit

Extend your media reach
Want to increase the power of your advertising? Advertisers who combine space in a Globe magazine with additional presence in other Globe properties enjoy significant lifts in brand awareness and sell-through. A magazine buy, plus messaging in our newspaper, or one of our websites, represents outstanding value for any company's advertising dollar.

For instance, when you add an insertion in Report on Business magazine to a month-long presence on GlobeandMail.com and a week-long presence in our newspaper, you reach a combined net reach of over 6 million people.

Reach over 6 million influential Canadians

SOURCE: PMB/comScore Spring 2012 Fused Database –Total Canada Age 18+ - Fuses Spring 2012 PMB data with Jan-March 2012 comScore data

Case Studies

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