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Posted: August 20, 2013 | 15:04 ET

A weekly compendium of interesting items from the world of media, marketing and advertising.

Brand marketers put more emphasis on social, mobile and video
eMarketer, August 19, 2013
Marketers will continue to increase their online ad presence with much of that added spending going toward branding efforts. Find out why these three areas continue to top the charts. Read the eMarketer article

Tips for creating a great LinkedIn business page
MPDailyFix, August 15, 2013
It`s time to take a look at whether your client's LinkedIn business page is up there with the best. Take a look at these eight tips to increase your client's online visibility. Read the MPDailyFix article

Six tips for promoting your company's video online
The Globe and Mail, August 15, 2013
Professional video production can costs a lot. So what's the best way to leverage your client's investment? Find out here with these six quick tips. One hint, SEO. Read the Globe and Mail article

Global Ad Buys Might Finally Become a Reality
AdWeek, August 18, 2013
The concept of global marketing had been around since the first merchant went to sell his goods abroad. Yet on a larger scale, global marketing has been much more challengingóborders have proven to be barriers. Find out why the global media buy may be becoming more of a reality. Read the AdWeek article

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