What inspired us to enter 2011 Young Lions
Posted: February 1, 2012 | 15:12 ET

The reason we entered the Cannes Young Lions competition was strictly to challenge ourselves - to see what we were capable of doing in 24 hours without a creative director, an account team or a plannerís guidance. We were still fresh out of school with only a year of agency experience, and even though we had desperately wanted to work together, we hadnít been able to find an agency that would even look at a junior team. This was the perfect opportunity to stretch our creative legs and get on a project together.

We met at Alexís office on the morning the brief was sent through. We werenít so much nervous as we were excited. We definitely didnít know that March 19th would be a life-altering day. So we got down to business. Read through the brief numerous times, highlighted key points, began the research process, came up with some key insights and filled about 12 pages of easel paper with ideas. After about 8 hours of brainstorming, we had itÖ and of course doubted ourselves along the way. Is this idea good enough for the competition? Does it even make any sense? Are we being clear? Should we think about it some more? But with only 9 hours left and 3 fire drills interrupting our progress, we had to be decisive.

Check back on Monday to find out what winning felt like.

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