Showcase your brand in motion

Globe Video enables you to reach our engaged audience across our web, mobile and app platforms, using existing broadcast-quality promotional materials to build brand awareness and strengthening your messaging with supporting ad creative.

We publish over 18,000 videos per year, featuring Reuters, CTV and BNN content. We also create more than 3,000 original Globe productions, covering every consumer interest – news, business, investing, automotive, fashion and beauty and more.

We’ve just launched our new Globe Video experience, featuring a new video player, new content channels and playlists and including new advertising opportunities to capture the attention of our viewers.

Showcase your brand in pre-roll video ads in our video content. Generating over 2.3 million views each month, Globe videos have a high completion rate of 63%.

Source: Omniture average - web/app views Q4 2013

Introducing Globe Now

Each weekday, delivered across desktop and mobile, Globe Now showcases the best insight and analysis on the day’s news, business and cultural stories. Launched in early April, each show consist of 3 content segments, that are also posted as individual clips in our new video hub and distributed to our YouTube channel, later in the afternoon.

Showcase your brand in our exclusive launch sponsorship
Our high-impact package promotes your brand with on screen partnership recognition, video pre, mid and post-roll ad positions, display adjacencies and co-branded promotional ads across our website.

For complete information, download our Globe Now PDF and contact your Globe representative.

Advertising Opportunities
Video enables you to reach our engaged audience, leveraging existing broadcast-quality promotional materials and strengthening your messaging with supporting creative and interactive ad formats.

  • Run 15-second pre-roll commercials before our video content on desktop, mobile web and apps.
  • Strengthen your message with display formats. Supply a 300x250 co-ad and we will deliver them as a non-guaranteed adjacency to our desktop audience.
  • Extend your reach to 7.6 million Canadians across The Globe, The Guardian, Forbes, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and ABC News. Learn more at

Video Pre-Roll specifications
  • Format mp4 (H.264 codec)
  • Duration Maximum 15 seconds
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 (preferred) or 4:3
  • File Size Maximum 2 Mb

Our video player is VAST compliant.
Videos must be sent in final edited form. We can convert your existing materials to our required format.
3rd party hosted tags are subject to testing.

Learn more
Globe video content is expanding every day and we are continually creating new content, including specially produced video features from our team of online editors.

Contact your Globe representative and find out how online video can be an effective part of your media plan.