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Connect with the upwardly mobile
Mobile devices are indispensable for Globe readers, on-the-move and away from their homes and offices. In fact, over 40% of our digital traffic now comes from mobile readers.

Compared to the average smartphone user, Globe readers are more likely to use their phone to:

  • Access financial news or stock quotes (index 389)
  • Access news on a daily basis (index 287)
  • Trade stocks (index 427)
  • Bank online (index 209)
  • Research product features (index 254)
  • Purchase a product (index 311)
  • Purchase consumer electronics (index 327)
Source: comScore Mobilens – Q4 2013 average

The Globe's mobile-optimized sites and standalone apps deliver the news and information our readers need--news headlines, market updates, sports scores, style and health advice. Integrated into our content are engaging advertising opportunities that enable you to engage our on-the-go readers wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Download our Mobile Advertising Information and our Globe Digital Media Kit to learn more.

New advertising opportunities
Flexible, high impact formats deliver greater engagement.
Please click the images to view examples

New Flex ad formats
Reaching your audience across multiple screens is more important than ever before. Our new flexible ad options make it easier than ever to deliver the most engaging creative to your target consumers — on the platform of their choice.

Our new, improved advertising experience on our mobile site and apps embeds your ads within our page content, maximizing viewability. Deploy web standard formats and custom sizes within these spaces for larger, more impactful ads without the need to develop new creative.

For more information, download our Flex Formats PDF.

New video capabilities
We’ve unified our video viewing experience across our web, mobile and iOS app platforms. In addition to our website, clients can now also deliver 15-second pre-roll ads to our mobile web audience.

For more information, download our Video information PDF.

New full-screen interstitials
(iPhone and iPad News apps only)

Command our iPhone and iPad app readers’ full attention with galleries, video, and interactive elements. Displaying when our apps launch, we recommend creation of multiple creative treatments (3-4) to increase appeal and engagement.

For more information, download our Mobile information PDF.

Target your ideal mobile consumers

Positioning your brand on our mobile platform delivers your message to smart consumers who stay connected to what's going on in the world. Target our rapidly growing mobile readership by delivering your ads in one of the following ways:

By device targeting your choice of mobile platform (iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad and other Smartphones).

By content channel across individual or multiple mobile devices and within the following content sections:

News* Business Investing Life
Automotive Technology Sports Arts

* (inc. Opinions, Commentary sections)

Sponsorship opportunities give you multi-platform audience reach and content package options.

Mobile website
Featuring a range of sections dedicated to news, business, sports and lifestyle content, optimized for Smartphone browsers.

  • Average of 9 million page views and 2.7 million+ UVs each month

Advertising Options: content alignment and device targeting.

iOS Flex ad formats: 300 x 50, 300 x 250, up to custom 300 x 450 - Featured on all pages, in line with content
Other platforms: 300 x 50

Globe News apps
Our Globe News app delivers articles and video content that are optimized for Apple, Android and BlackBerry phone and tablet experiences.

iPhone News app

Advertising Options:
Content alignment and device targeting

  • Interstitial (portrait format only) - displaying on app launch
  • Flex ad formats - 728 x 90, 300 x 250 and custom 728 x 360 on Homepage, section and article pages

iPad News app

Ad opportunities
Content alignment and device targeting
Full website targeting (globeandmail.com) on iPad (Safari browser)

Ad formats:
  • Flex ad formats - 728 x 90, 300 x 250 and custom 728 x 360 on Homepage, section and article pages
  • Interstitial format - displaying on app launch


BlackBerry apps
Advertising Options
Content alignment and device targeting
Banner ads featured on all pages, top and bottom (scroll with content)

Ad formats: 300 x 50 banners

Android app

Advertising Options:
Content channel alignment
Banner ads featured on all pages

Ad formats: 300 x 50 banners

Learn More

Work with us to implement an innovative and engaging mobile advertising presence and connect with our audience.

For additional information and complete Mobile advertising specifications, please download our 2013 Globe Mobile Information PDF and contact your Globe representative.