Targeted Messaging That Consumers Value

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Through a balanced and complementary mix of print, digital and an opt-in newsletter, L’ORÉAL and The Globe created the desired ‘buzz’ for L’ORÉAL’s new hair care line, Total Repair 5.
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A notable, multi-media campaign that used The Globe’s trusted relationship with the Small/Medium Business community to increase awareness of TELUS’ unique SMB services and resources.
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Email marketing represents a highly effective way to connect directly to The Globe's readership at work, at home and on their mobile devices.

Globe emails reach a smart, engaged and receptive audience that has opted-in to receive email newsletters from us, featuring Globe articles, products and services.

The medium is effective as recipients have explicitly stated they want to receive and value the content contained in our emails. With exclusive Globe feature content and/or special offers that are sent out on behalf of advertisers, these emails are an ideal way to reach your target audience, as proven by the outstanding response rates we receive.

Globe Newsletters

Our Editorial Newsletters are regularly distributed to opt-in subscriber groups, providing another high value option for tactical advertising. Each newsletter provides a large format ad unit that will present your message next to featured editorial content from our websites.

The Globe and Mail offers a wide range of news and information in the form of daily, weekly or monthly newsletters in the following categories:

  • Morning News Update
  • Globe Politics
  • Weekly Tech Alert
  • Globe Jets Game Report
Business & Investing
  • Business Ticker
  • Berman's Market Update
  • Personal Finance Reader
  • Advisor Focus
  • Fund Alert
  • Small Business Briefing
  • Globe Life Newsletter
  • Wine & Spirits
Globe Drive
  • Weekly newsletter

Advertiser Exclusives
Globe advertiser exclusive emails offer the benefit of targeting desirable segments of our audience with focused, brand-specific marketing.

Emails are sent to segments of our readership on behalf of an advertiser, delivering a client-specific email that can be embellished with logo elements, specific offer information and images.

As with all Globe emails, recipients have opted-in to receive these messages.

The format combines the effectiveness of direct mail with the ability to instantly drive consumer behaviour.

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For further information about Globe email marketing, please download our Email Marketing Information PDF.

For Advertiser Exclusive email and Editorial Newsletter production specifications, please download our Guide to Internet Advertising Specifications PDF and visit our Specifications page.